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Become Compliant Today with the CyberVault Data Room Solution.

If you are in need of a quality document security and compliance software, but don’t need the large-scale capabilities of an enterprise solution, CyberVault is right for you.




NIST SP 800-171(2)


How We Can Help You:

We provide the most affordable and readily available solution on the market.

Have your secure data room ready to go within 24hrs, for a lower price than the other guys.

Compliance Guide

Secure and achieve the confidential storage and management of documents and communications covered by ITAR, EAR, DFARS, and CMMC.


CyberVault provides an affordable pricing plan with customizable options regarding the number of users and the amount of storage.

High Security Benefits

The CyberVault® Secure Data Room is a virtual workspace that provides the highest security standards for protecting your confidential documents.

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About CyberVault

CyberVault is a virtual data room solution that provides affordable security and online data storage, management, and collaboration solutions to small and medium-sized companies (SMEs). This solution is for businesses that, until now, have not been able to afford the confidentiality and superior features required to meet 21st century cyber-security needs.

CyberVault offers compliance for the following regulations:

  • EAR

  • ITAR


  • NIST SP 800-171

  • NIST SP 800-172

  • CMMC Level 1 and Level 2


Perfect for regulated compliance

CyberVault provides you with the highest security standards for protecting your confidential documents and ensures that only authorized users can access them.

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