Learn how to set up workspaces

Here at CyberVault, we recommend training for managers and administrative users. This training will help you learn how to set up workspaces and will enable you to best meet your project needs.

Note that CyberVault users who mainly download files from a workspace do not require any training, since the user interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

All training is conducted by our professional services team in a one-on-one session. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your specific questions with a CyberVault expert.

Data Room Management Training:

Recommended for:
All Users who set up and manage data rooms in the CyberVault Application.


You will be able to set up and manage secure online data rooms. Moreover, you will have a clear understanding of how to leverage different CyberVault features to manage your folder structure successfully and securely.


  • Security settings and their benefits
  • Document protection and secure delivery
  • Assigning permissions to folders and documents
  • Groups and permissions management
  • Invite users
  • Audit trail reporting

Product Training:

Recommended for:
Ideal for all users with limited or no experience.


You will be able to work confidently with CyberVault. In addition, you will have learned tips and tricks about the different tools and features the application offers.


  • Secure authentication process
  • Navigation
  • Upload folders and documents
  • Secure delivery of documents
  • Work effectively on documents with your team

Data Room Center Management:

Recommended for:
All users who are responsible for a Data Room Center.


You will be able to implement company guidelines in the Data Room Center and acquire the ability to ensure a secure and smooth functioning of all associated data rooms.


  • Creation of new data rooms
  • License administration
  • Implementation of default settings for all data rooms
  • Creation of new data room templates

Additional Information

  • You can book a training as an individual course or combine different trainings with each other to suit your needs
  • Usually, all trainings will be delivered in an online meeting – all you need is a phone and an internet connection
  • All courses include exercises to ensure optimal learning
  • You will receive detailed training documentation which will be useful during and after the course
  • One CyberVault trainer for one participant – this one-on-one training ensures you get the most out of the course

Perfect for Secure Collaboration

CyberVault provides you with high security standards for protecting your documents and intuitive collaborative features to ensure optimized document management.

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