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Achieving the Best Compliance Position With CyberVault

CyberVault is dedicated to assisting its clients in securing and achieving the confidential storage and management of documents and communications that are covered by regulatory schemes such as ITAR, EAR, DFARS, and CMMC. CyberVault also caters to more traditional uses, such as securing communications and the exchange of documents by boards of directors (during due diligence reviews and within a supply chain).

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CyberVault’s ITAR compliant online storage and collaboration product is ideal for the handling of CUI documents and electronic files within regulatory requirements. The CyberVault ITAR system provides intuitive cloud technology, allowing multiple users at numerous locations to collaborate using controlled data. As well as this, it can handle, record and provide reports on the export of ITAR technical data (where permitted of course). The CyberVault ITAR system provides efficient collaboration, that is available from a commercial off-the-shelf solution, while remaining fully in compliance with the strict regulatory and security requirements of the ITAR.


DFARS Clause 252–204–7012 requires compliance with regulations meant to ensure that federal direct and indirect contractors meet the required level of cyber incident reporting for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). It does this through a stringent set of guidelines requiring companies to take measures to prevent cyber-attacks and to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access.

CyberVault ensures the achievement of compliance with these regulations, as it provides an affordable specialized platform for compliant handling of CUI. This technology is a necessary component of a full array of compliance measures.

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CyberVault can serve as an Export Controlled Materials (ECM) platform that securely protects your confidential ECM-sensitive information by meeting the strict requirements of the Export Control Reform Act introduced in the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement.

To further safeguard the export-defined data (EDD) of your organization, CyberVault provides multiple security measures. These include two-factor authentication for access control, document encryption, customizable permission settings for every document, and a robust and uneditable action tracking and recording capability. Compliance is automatically achieved through the integral security measures of the solution.


Perfect for regulated compliance

CyberVault provides you with the highest security standards for protecting your confidential documents and ensures that only authorized users can access them.

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